Obtaining Associates’ Names

Although it’s not always easy to get associates’ names—especially for those who don’t wear nametags—it is a requirement for nearly all of AboutFace clients. If any names are missing, your shop project will be “rejected” and not eligible for payment.

Here are some tips for getting names:

  1. Just ask! On most shop projects, there’s nothing wrong with asking an associate for his or her name. Be sure to consult the client objectives for any restrictions.
  2. Ask another associate, “Your manager looks familiar. What’s his name?” or “A guy was helping me in the paint department a few minutes ago. Can you tell me who that was?”
  3. If all else fails, you can call the store later and say, “I talked to a salesperson in the footwear department earlier today, but I can’t remember his name. Could you tell me who it was if I describe him?” Again, consult the client objectives in case there are restrictions.

Be creative and remember: No Name, No Pay, No Exceptions!!