Ethical & Onsite Conduct

Ethical Conduct

I agree to:

  • Not list any shopping company I work for as an “employer” on any legal or government forms. As a mystery shopping supplier, I operate strictly as an independent contractor and do not qualify for any employment benefits (i.e., unemployment, workers compensation, etc.).
  • Execute all shop projects to the best of my ability, with integrity (i.e., no misrepresentation and/or falsification of deliverables).
  • Submit all deliverables by the project deadline.
  • Honor all confidentiality agreements and not contact a client without the express consent of the mystery shopping provider.
  • Give immediate notice to the shopping company if I cannot execute a shop project for any reason.
  • Provide timely response (by telephone and/or email) regarding any shop project inquiries.
  • Keep paperwork and notes for at least 60 days in case questions arise from the client.
  • Not ask or encourage anyone to break confidentiality agreements with other firms for whom they conduct mystery shopping projects.
  • Not use any MSPA media to publish complaints against vendors, clients, shoppers or mystery shopping providers.
  • Not share information with others regarding the identity of clients, shop project fees, reimbursements and shop results.

Onsite Conduct

I agree to:

  • Not execute any shop projects under the influence of illegal drugs or prescription drugs that might impair my abilities.
  • Not become inebriated or drink beyond the legal limits set forth in my state or engage in any other activity that may cause harm to myself or others while mystery shopping.
  • Not disrupt the normal business flow of an operation in the process of executing a shop (i.e., do not cause a scene).
  • Not announce myself as a mystery shopping supplier to the business being shopped unless given specific instructions by the shopping company.
  • Not accept a mystery shop project for a business that my family, my friends or I work for.