Entering the Evaluation

After you have executed the shop project, it is time to enter your evaluation. To do this, log on to our website with the username and password assigned to you when you became a mystery shopping supplier. After login, your assigned shops will appear in “My Accepted Shops.”

accepted shops

Click on the shop to view the Shopper Guidelines, the full evaluation and / or to begin entering your evaluation.

To complete the form, answer each question and enter the information requested into the comment boxes. Be sure to fill out EVERY SINGLE comment box with detail and leave nothing unscored or unanswered.

IMPORTANT: Save the evaluation you are completing OFTEN. Be sure to save it PRIOR to attaching your Proof of Visit. If you attach the Proof of Visit and submit without saving the evaluation first, you will lose everything you have entered.

To save the evaluation and resume work at a later time, click on the tab (shown below) found at the bottom of the evaluation.

save survey

Once all sections of the form are completed and scored, it is ready to “Check Complete.”  This will alert you to any missed questions. At the bottom of the form, click the “CHECK COMPLETE” button (shown below).

check complete

If you receive the message below, click “Cancel” and scroll through the survey until you see the question(s) highlighted in a red box.

ScreenHunter_1484 Feb. 23 14.23


red box

Answer the missing question(s), scroll to the bottom and click on “Check Complete” again.

If all questions are completed, you will receive a notification “Survey Complete.”  Click the “OK” button.  NOTE:  You must have pop-up blockers off in order to see this message.


survey complete



You may now attach your proof of visit (shown below) and save the survey.

upload document

You will now click on “Save Survey” and the system spell check will run.  When this completes, you will be taken back to your home screen, where you will now be able to Submit your survey.

It is a good idea to print a copy of the evaluation for your records prior to submitting it.


Once it has been submitted, it cannot be accessed again.

If it submitted properly, a confirmation # will appear on-screen. Please retain this number for your records as well.

NOTE: Quality Control may have follow-up questions or need clarification, so retaining a copy of the evaluation along with the confirmation number is a good practice.  Please be sure to check your email for at least 72 hours after you submit.

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