Do’s & Don’ts


  • Communicate with the shop project scheduler if you are having any problems
  • Create appropriate scenarios enabling the associate to fulfill all categories being evaluated
  • Be fair, diplomatic and objective in your commentary
  • Get names and other required information such as receipts or business cards
  • Ensure all questions are answered
  • Write clearly and in complete sentences
  • Use a Thesaurus to generate descriptive words to clarify your situation
  • Be descriptive with your comments! More information is always better than less
  • Make sure your scores match the commentary
  • Meet your deadline! People are depending on you


  • Fail to call within 24 hours following your shop if you run into problems
  • Type your report in all CAPS. (This results in shop project “rejection”)
  • Recite your scenario like it is scripted. It should come out naturally as you speak to the associate
  • Neglect to get the associate’s name and/or documentation (i.e., receipt, etc.) of your shop
  • Be afraid to contact the shop project scheduler for questions or clarification about your shop project
  • Rush! Your mystery shopping supplier qualification status will be impacted by inaccurate or missing information
  • Forget to update your mystery shopping supplier profile. Your address, phone and email needs to be current
  • Share details of your shop project or the identity of the client with others
  • Use harsh, negative or overly critical language in your comments
  • Fail to meet shop project deadlines