AboutFace Quality Control / Editor Supplier Qualification


AboutFace™, with its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, entered the mystery shopping arena in 1994, as The Secret Shopper Company.  From the onset, our founder and CEO, Paige Hall-Hartsfield, envisioned a company that used secret shopping to impact business in a profound and measurable way.

Whether clients want to merely study their operating and behavioral drivers or take steps to improve them, our team of professionals is equipped to create just the tools they need. The company is now in a unique position to deliver on its promise of performance improvement with comprehensive programs and services which include:

  • Secret shopping (onsite, telephone, web fulfillment)
  • Competitive pricing and pricing analysis
  • Consulting (management, frontline, teams, sales process)
  • Customer experience strategy for the top and implementation to the frontline
  • Training
  • Performance incentives

Core Values

We are proud of our Core Values.  These are the principles that have made us successful.  Please take a moment to read them.  You can click here to download and print a copy of these values.  Keep them near your work area as a constant reminder of the values that drive our business.  The Core Values can be found on SharePoint, under QC Policies.



Company Hierarchy:

Along with our founder and CEO, Paige Hall, you can find a list of the company’s leadership team here:  AboutFace™ Leadership Team

AboutFaceTM is the brand to watch.  We have won more awards than any other company in our industry, and we enjoy a sterling reputation.  With uncompromising standards, inventive methods and emphasis on quality, AboutFace™ looks back on our past with pride of accomplishment and forward to our future with eagerness and optimism.  Welcome to the AboutFace™ Supplier Connection.  We are looking forward to working in partnership with you.


How to Use Our Supplier Connection Learning System

The Supplier Connection is extremely user-friendly.  Read through each of the lessons in order and follow the instructions.  Complete and submit any quizzes or assignments as you go and be sure to mark each lesson complete.  If you have questions or would like to make recommendations for improving the site, please email the Quality Control Supervisor.

Most lessons require you to complete a short quiz to assess your understanding of the material presented before moving on to the next lesson.  When you click on the link a pop up box will appear to ask  you if you wish to open or save the quiz.  Open the quiz, add your answers, and save the completed quiz to your hard drive.  Make note of the location so you will be able to retrieve the complete quiz.  You will be instructed to email the quiz as an attachment to the QC Supervisor.  You will be notified of your score once the quiz has been graded.  It is suggested that you create a file for the quizzes so you will be able to store them in one easily accessible area.

Once you have completed and emailed the quiz, please do not wait for your score.  Continue to the next lesson and continue with your progress.  Be sure to mark each lesson complete.

This course will provide you with all the tools necessary to become a successful Quality Control Supplier with AboutFace.™  We offer an “A-Player” culture, and hold all of our partners to the same standards our clients have grown to expect from us.  We understand the success of your business as an independent supplier is important to you, and we are here to assure our work together is mutually beneficial.

Click the link below to start the first lesson in the course entitled Charting your Course as a Quality Control Editor Supplier.  

REMINDER: You are not to share your username(s) or password(s) with anyone inside or outside of AboutFace™.  Only members of the Technology Team or the Quality Control Supervisor may have access to this information.

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