AboutFace Technology Setup

Welcome to the AboutFaceTM Technology Setup process!  During this setup process, you will learn how to install, configure and use several different applications that will be critical to your role as a supplier for AboutFaceTM. Being a virtual company, we rely upon these systems to communicate, collaborate and cooperate with one another.

It is our job to provide you with tools and direction to help you get your PC set up and ready to get started as a supplier. AboutFaceTM operates as a virtual company. That does not mean we don’t really exist, as in “virtual reality.” What it means is that the AboutFaceTM workforce is geographically distributed all over the United States and, therefore, cannot all work under one roof. Instead, our workplace exists primarily on the web. We are all networked together using a series of information systems and applications that keep us communicating effectively and allow us to collaborate on projects. You will be introduced to those systems as you browse the following several pages.  It is imperative you complete your lessons in a timely manner.

Since we operate virtually, your PC is your most important tool.  It is critical that you keep it in working order and secure from viruses, spam spyware and other malicious technology that can affect your ability to interact with AboutFaceTM.

As you go through your lessons, there may be times when items need to be approved before you can move on to the next lesson.  Please be patient.  If you are taking the course in the evening, it may be the next morning before the item is approved.  If you do not receive approval of an assignment, please email your department manager for assistance.

If you have problems or don’t understand something along the way, just email me or my team at techsupport@aboutfacecorp.com for assistance.

**PLEASE NOTE: It is against AboutFaceTM policy to change your password without permission from the Tech Team.